How It Works

Set up an Appointment

Call, email or text to set up an appointment for your dog's grooming. We try to accommodate a schedule that works for both the client and groomer. 

We come to you!

We bring our grooming table, tools, high velocity dryer and smiles to your door. It takes 5-10 minutes to set up our station and get the bath area prepped. This is also a good time to go over the details of the haircut and any information about the dog that may be helpful with handling.

Bathing and Drying

Bathing is done in either the sink or bath tub, usually where ever you normally bathe them yourself. The dog is then towel dried and moved to the grooming table to be fluffed with the high velocity dryer.

The Works

The grooming is tailored to your specifications discussed prior. Some clients prefer a light trim, while others like a short 'do. Grooming time varies by type of cut, condition of coat, and size of dog. The service always includes a bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning and any hair cutting you specify.

Clean Up

We try our best to keep messes at a minimum. Hair is placed in a bag throughout the groom and then swept or vacuumed at the end of the service. If the weather is pleasant the service can be performed outside on a covered porch. Most clients prefer it to be done in the kitchen, mud room or even the garage.

Set up a Standing Appointment

It is recommended that most breeds be groomed every 6-8 weeks. Set up a standing appointment to help maintain a beautiful coat and keep your dog in a routine.