Nails and Paw Maintenance

Consistency is KEY

It is recommended to trim a dog's nails every 2-4 weeks to manage the length and sharpness. 

Keeping on top of this can bring amazing results! Over the course of 6-8 months of regular trimming, the "quick", or the little vein that is inside the nail, begins to recede, allowing the nail to be trimmed shorter and shorter. Eventually, with consistency, the nails will achieve the desired length every time, reducing scratching your floors and skin, and also providing a more comfortable stride for your pup.

You may also prefer your dog's pads and feet "feathers" to be trimmed regularly as well.

We tend to call this a "mani/pedi".

Convenience is Crucial

Keeping up with this regimen can be difficult as we all have busy lives and can't exactly jump in the car just for a nail trim on our dogs. Luckily, we come to you!

We will maintain your scheduled nail trimmings and also enjoy making new regular friends out of you and your dogs!

Each visit only takes 10-15 mins, depending on number of dogs and if they are allowing the dremel for filing.

Nail Trim and/or File $20

Nail Trim and/or File plus pads

and paw Trim   $30