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This is a luxury, concierge service personalized to your pup’s needs and your instructions, performed in the comfort of your home. Pricing can vary depending on breed, coat condition and duration of the groom. Prices are usually a bit higher than a salon would charge because of the convenience and private, one on one service.  We offer full groom, trim up, or simply a massaging bath; any of which can be customized to your specifications. Call or email for an estimate.

The Right Fit

This service is most beneficial to small or medium sized dogs under 50lbs. Hourly rates can add up for larger, denser coated dogs and the dog could end up on the table for a longer period than in a salon. Large dogs need the Raised tubs, hydraulic tables and equipment a salon or mobile unit has in order to receive a proper groom. 

Dogs must be able to stand on their own. We love our elderly clients but there does come a time when the grooming process is no longer feasible with their physical abilities. 

Dogs must not be aggressive. We realize that most dogs don't want their feet touched and there will be times we enlist the owner's help with nail trims, however, if the dog bites or excessively growls the service will be ended at our discretion. We have referrals for clients with aggressive dogs.

Dogs that are extremely fearful of going to the salon or vet may benefit from this service. Maybe they had a bad experience long ago or maybe they get car sick on the way; either way we are there to make it as smooth a process as possible.

The high velocity dryer is essential to this service being done from start to finish. If the dog cannot be dried after the bath we will either have to set up a time to come back another day or re arrange for the owner to bathe and dry prior to our arrival.

Area of Service

We currently service the South and Central Austin, Buda, and Kyle area. Anywhere outside of the service area requires a $15 Travel Fee. Referrals are also available for north Austin and surrounding areas.

Peace of Mind

The most recognized positive trait of this service is how less stressed the dog is for the process. We love seeing how relaxed the dogs are throughout the groom and afterwards they get to run to their owner and show off their new hair 'do! We also enjoy the conversation with the owners and the bond that grows from getting to know their little friend.

Latchkey Program

Even if you are away or at work we can come, with your permission, and perform the groom, leaving behind nothing but a freshly groomed pup! Many clients enjoy this service simply because they are too busy to take off work or have other errands they need to run.